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Road to WonderCon 2016: What? I get to go?

by Claudia Helena Ross on 03/29/16

Back in December I booked tickets for WonderCon in Los Angeles, not really believing I would be able to attend. I was broke, so I didn't really see how I could pay for a hotel room in LA. I checked the Marriott, where I had points. Sold out. I placed the ticket in a folder and stuck it my stackable filing rack. I decided to see what March would bring.

On Thursday March 24th, I sat at my desk staring at the folder containing my WonderCon tickets. Once again, I had to pass on living my dreams due to a lack of disposable cash. Something rose up inside of me.

No more

 I checked the Marriott.

They had rooms and I could use my points! I was going to WonderCon.

I worked a half day on Friday. I hadn't been sure if I would be able to get the time off, but I did. I rushed home to pack and then left about an hour before my train departure. I was scooting down the I-5 when everything came to a complete halt.

After 30 minutes, I was able to exit the highway. I only had 10 minutes to make my train. I wasn't concerned. The train was always late; however, I didn't want to take any chances. I did my best to maneuver a few back roads, which were also jammed. I come to a railroad crossing with its gates down, lights flashing. I hear the whistle.

My train to LA passed me by. ON TIME.


Ten minutes later, I arrive at the train station and park the car. "Oh you missed your train too?" the lady standing next to me asks.

"Yeah. WTH? Why is the 5 backed up in the middle day?"

"It's Good Friday! Everyone's off from work."

I'm such a heathen these days. How did I not know it was Easter? I guess attending WonderCon didn't help matters much. Who has a conference during Easter? 

I changed my ticket. Since I had some time to kill, I went and addressed my bear claws issues (I got a pedicure). With my feet restored to those of a lady, I tip toe down the street. A brewery! Perfect.

Culture Brewing Co. is a great micro brewery, serving up fabulous beers. I love IPA's and selected a very tasty offering. I can't remember the name of it. I guess I'll have to go back to find out. In any case, I remembered I needed to catch a train. Guess what? I made it. 

I love traveling. As the train pulled into LA with the city's skyline twinkling beneath the evening's full moon laden sky, I dreamed of a new life for myself, a world of travel and writing. Deciding to make this dream my new reality, I grabbed my bag and stepped off the train, headed for my destiny.

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