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Doug Banks

by Claudia Helena Ross on 04/12/16

On Monday April 11th, I turned on my computer and logged on to V103, as I do everyday. I heard Bionce Fox announce, ",..sadden to report the passing of our friend, Doug Banks."

Or something like that.

I'm sitting at my desk staring at my computer, hoping it would correct my hearing. Did they just say Doug Banks died? Of what? Sure he'd been sick, but not that sick. At least I hadn't believed so. I logged on to Twitter. Condolences continued to roll in on the radio.

Doug had passed.

I've spent my entire life listening to Doug, following him from station to station in Chicago. Even after moving across the country, I continued to listen to his show in the afternoon. One of my favorite bits on the show was the adventures of "Husky Doug."

Gonna miss you Doug.Doug Banks

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