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Dorothy Jones A Jazz Age Trip Through Oz
La Rose Book III Le Baton Chronicles
Welcome to the Blame Game
Welcome to the Blame Game showcasing the inner-workings of my mind and heart; manifesting into the journey called my life. Sometimes mystical, other times spiritual, and most times mundane, my life has proven to be an interesting journey, when I consider it from the lofty perch of my imagination in the great beyond. It's a puzzle coming together, forming a picture I never considered or conceived from here, on Earth.

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life.
Let's Go Crazy
Reading is good for the heart. Writing relinquishes the burdens and cares of the soul. I encourage all to do both, especially writing. Just try it. Do it FOR YOURSELF,  no one else. You will like it.

Coming 2017: 
La Rose Le Jardin 
Le Baton Chronicles Book IV
La Rose Le Baton Chronicles
La Rose Le Baton Chronicles Book II